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Health Mysteries Solved

Jul 25, 2019

The Case: 

  • Camille is 38 and has experiencing unexplained joint pain, fatigue and generally not feeling like herself.
  • Blood tests revealed an elevated ANA but that could mean many things and doctors were unable to give her a diagnosis.
  • Further bloodwork pointed to an issue with thyroid and inflammation.



Jul 18, 2019

The Case: 

  • Kim is 37 and lives in a high-rise in New York City
  • For about a year she felt foggy, tired, and plagued by headaches. 
  • She was also experiencing joint pain that traveled from ankle to shoulder to knee. 
  • She tried anti-inflammatories but it only masked the problems. 
  • Her doctors were unable to find the cause...

Jul 11, 2019

The Case: 

  • Avery is 37 and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism ten years ago. 
  • Despite taking medication, she still suffered from weight issues, fatigue, constipation and dry, brittle hair. 
  • Additional testing revealed she had Hashimoto’s. 
  • She made the lifestyle changes suggested, little changed. 


Jul 4, 2019

The Case: 

  • Katherine is 37years old and 20 weeks pregnant
  • Since early in her pregnancy, she’s had stiff joints and been exhausted and extremely nauseous.
  • Prenatal vitamins made her morning sickness worse and time wasn’t making anything better. 
  • Katherine was having trouble keeping food down and was worried about...