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Health Mysteries Solved

Aug 20, 2020

**Show Announcement**
As many of you may already know, I'm expecting a baby girl and she is due any day now. I have been super busy trying to get the last of my patients in before my maternity leave starts, cutting it really close here! 
The show is taking a short break so that I can focus on our growing family. But, don't worry - we'll be back on Sept. 17th, 2020. 
I've recorded this bonus episode to share a little bit more with you guys. And watch for the next bonus episode when I plan to introduce you to my baby girl.  
When we return in September, I'm excited to share some really inspiring cases and eye-opening interviews when. We'll be talking about thyroid eye disease, alkalinity from a different perspective, histamines, candida and I will also be sharing some of my products and protocols because so many of you have been asking me what I eat and what I use so I am doing an episode on that as well. 
In the meantime, this might be a good time for you to catch up on past shows that you may have missed!
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And remember, when it comes to your health issues, please don't give up! The answers are out there and there is HOPE!